Monday, November 7, 2016

Post Halloween Q&A with Author, Ashley Nestler

Halloween is never quite over (for some of us, at least). Today, I do a little post-Halloween Q&A with author, Ashley Nestler. Be sure to check out her work as well!

TA:  Describe your typical Halloween.

AN: My typical Halloween is binge watching horror movies, handing out candy, and pigging out on candy myself!  I also love going for a nighttime walk.  The wind on Halloween is just the most interesting feeling.

TA: What about Halloween appeals you?

AN: I adore the lore around Halloween (Samhain).  I am Wiccan, so I do believe that souls come to visit us on Halloween.  I also set out food and drink for travelling souls, and I love how that day seems to connect life with death.

TA: Halloween all year round or one day a year?

AN: Halloween year round, absolutely!  I always leave some Halloween decorations up.  I am just a bit obsessed.


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